The Indian Hill Recreational Soccer program is a community based, volunteer run SAY soccer program open to children who live in the Indian Hill School District.

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All Cincinnati Hills SAY Soccer referees are required to be certified every year.

The certification (new and returning referees) will involve three key elements; on-line course training, classroom training and on-field training. 

Registration: (You must register with the league first)


  1. On-line training will cover the following topics:
    • Laws of the game
    • Signals
    • League policies and requirements
  2. Classroom sessions will cover the following topics:
    • Points-of-emphasis CHSS SPECIFIC RULES (League policies, game management, etc.)
    • Pre-game procedures
    • Game management
    • Core focus areas - off-sides, handling, foul recognition, etc.
    • Parent and team management
    • Referee on-line account training (within our new league sites)
  3. On-field training will cover the following topics:
    • Field positioning
    • Field safety
    • Game Management

NEW REFEREES (or Returning Referees that scored less that 70 on last test):  Must attend the Classroom session to be eligible to referee SAY games and obtain your SAY patch. 

RETURNING REFEREES: Provided you have attended the classroom session and passed the test in the past, you can attend only the refresher day of the Classroom or the On Field Training offered by Indian Hill. 

All returning referees must Retest once per year.  Test can be taken with CHSS Classroom or will be admistered at IH Field Training dates TBD.