The Indian Hill Recreational Soccer program is a community based, volunteer run SAY soccer program open to children who live in the Indian Hill School District.

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Snack and Drink Schedule
by posted 09/12/2019

Quick reminder that the game will be this Saturday at 10am on Field 2.  Below is the snack and drink schedule for the year if you see a conflict please let me know and we will accommodate.


9/7 12pm:      Snack: Zipfel          Drink: Slattery

9/14 10am:    Snack: Martin        Drink: Wu

9/21 12pm:    Snack: Greulich     Drink: Gerber

9/28 3:30pm: Snack: Condorodis  Drink: Carroll

10/5 10am:    Snack: Kuhnell        Drink: Downing

10/12 10am:  Snack: Roberts         Drink: Slattery

10/19 11am:   Snack: Wu               Drink: Zipfel

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Drink Snack Schedule and Uniform Update
by posted 09/04/2019

Hope everyone is having a great day today.  Couple of updates for you.  


Just got word from the Rec office that the uniforms were delayed and will not be in until Friday.  Unfortunately this means we will be distributing the uniforms prior to the game on Saturday at noon.  If everyone could try to arrive to the field by 11:30am so we have time to get the kids changed and ready to play it would be much appreciated.


Below is the snack/drink schedule for this upcoming season.  I received a few dates that didn't work for families and I think I covered all of them but in the event I made a mistake don't hestiate to reach out and I'll get it covered.



9/7 12pm:      Snack: Zipfel          Drink: Slattery

9/14 10am:    Snack: Martin        Drink: Wu

9/21 12pm:    Snack: Greulich     Drink: Gerber

9/28 3:30pm: Snack: Condorodis  Drink: Carroll

10/5 10am:    Snack: Kuhnell        Drink: Downing

10/12 10am:  Snack: Roberts         Drink: Slattery

10/19 11am:   Snack: Wu               Drink: Zipfel



Thanks again and look forward to seeing your kiddos at practice today at 4:30pm.


Bobby & Liz


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